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Are you ready to Live Lucky? Next year’s sales season is in full swing! (For leases starting in August 2023.) If you’re looking for a short-term lease that begins in January 2023 or May 2023 please call or email for details – rooms may be available!

The Process

Here’s How It Works

  1. Find your unit: The first step is to find a unit using our availability tool below. Choose your floor and then check the availability in the sidebar of that floor’s page.
  2. Request a showing: Once you’ve decided on your unit get in touch for unit pricing and to schedule a tour of the units you’re interested in.
  3. Apply: Click here to apply online. To hold your apartment we’ll need a completed application from each resident and $300 in earnest money.
  4.  Sign Your Lease: Once your application is approved, we’ll rush you your lease documents. The lease signing must take place within 3 business days of delivery or you may lose the apartment.

2023-24 Pricing

Core – Floors 7-10

One Bedroom$975$1,780
Two Bedroom$715$1,130
Three Bedroom$725$1,180
Four Bedroom$750$1,180

Penthouse – Floors 11-14

One Bedroom$1,025$1,830
Two Bedroom$745$1,155
Three Bedroom$755$1,260
Four Bedroom$800$1,220

Prices listed are per person and are based on single occupancy and double occupancy (a shared bedroom). You’re welcome to have a mix of singles and doubles in an apartment and double occupancy is available in all of our floorplan styles.

Prices are determined by your roommate configuration, the floor that you’re on, and the floorplan style that you choose. To give you a general idea of our pricing you can use the table below.

With our doubles pricing, almost anyone can afford to live at Lucky and our leasing team is here to help you make that possibility a reality. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to Live Lucky: call, e-mail, or come see us to take a tour today!



More Friends = Less Rent

Sharing a bedroom with a roommate at any of our Student Choice™  properties will yield you some pretty big savings.

Move into a bigger apartment and share your bedroom to see your savings quickly compound – sometimes saving you almost half of what you’d normally pay in rent.

Share a bedroom in a…

  • Two-bedroom for around $715-745 instead of $1,130-1,155
  • Three-bedroom for around $725-745 instead of $1,180-1,260
  • Four-bedroom for around $750-800 instead of $1,180-1,220

More Space = More Savings

Bigger is definitely better when you rent an apartment. The bigger the apartment, the more living space, more friends to live with, and the lower the rent – around 40-50% lower, plus less utilities!

  • Live alone in a studio or one bed and expect to pay $1,455-1,830
  • Live +1 in a two-bedroom and expect to pay $1,130-1,155
  • Live +2 in a three-bedroom and expect to pay $1,180-1,260
  • Live +3 in a four-bedroom and expect to pay $1,180-1,220

Tour an Apartment Today – In Person or Virtual!

Just give us 24-hours and we’ll schedule a private tour of your top apartment choices, allowing you to find the perfect fit!