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2024-25 Dorm@Lucky Application

If You’re Set on Coming to Madison, There’s No Reason To Wait. Complete Your Risk-Free Application Today!

Make sure to also sign up for Early Move-In when you complete your application. You can find your classes and buy your books early and take part in all of the exciting Welcome Week events. About 85% of your neighbors will choose to arrive on 8/23/24 instead of 8/30/24. Come early and be ready when classes start!

Pricing, availability, and move in dates are subject to change until your lease is signed. All residents will be required to carry renters insurance for the term of their lease.

Cancellation Policy


If you choose to attend a school that’s not in Madison, you will be released from your obligation provided the following apply:

1. You notify us in writing before June 1, 2024.
2. You provide a copy of the denial or admittance to the other school.
3. You are not canceling your lease to change living arrangements in Madison.

“The staff is very friendly and attentive, and for [the Dorm@Lucky] program they have events for everyone on the floor, which is a great way for people to make friends. I highly recommend Lucky to any students and non-students in the area!”

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