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Frequently Asked Questions

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Applications & Rent

What Do I Pay?

What fees are due upon applying?

The following fees are due in full at the time of application and are required in order to reserve an apartment. We will accept payment by check, money order, cashiers check or major credit/debit card for all reservation fees.

  • Application Fee: Steve Brown Apartments does not charge application fees.
  • Earnest Money: $300 is due in full at the time of application and is required in order to reserve an apartment until the application process is complete. Earnest Money will be applied towards your security deposit, the remainder of your security deposit will be due at the time of your lease signing.

If the application is rejected by management the Earnest Money will be refunded in full. If the application is approved and the applicant fails to sign a lease, management will retain the Earnest Money.

What recurring charges are there?

We accept checks, money orders, cashiers checks, electronic funds transfers from your bank account, or Visa, Mastercard and Discover for all monthly recurring charges.

  • Rent Installment: The monthly rent you pay is variable, per your lease agreement.
  • Facilities Fee: A per adult to cover your usage of heat, water, sewer, unlimited laundry, Internet, and common areas. The amount is listed on your lease.
  • Utilities: You will be responsible for the electric service in your apartment. Heat is included.

Installments and fees are due on the first of each month.

Wired Internet, with speeds up 1 Gig, is included for each apartment, and wireless Internet is included in the lounge on each floor. You’re welcome to add your own wireless router for your apartment, otherwise you’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect.

One Time Fees

Additional one time fees may occur during the length of your lease, including: sublet fees, late rent payment fees, lost key/lock change fees, NSF fees from bounced checks and other potential fines as outlined in your lease.

Please note that additional third-party fees apply for all credit/debit card payments.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Steve Brown Apartments requires that each resident maintain a renters insurance policy, with a minimum limit of liability for bodily injury and property damage of $100,000, throughout the term of their lease. We also require that you name SBA Management Services as an “Additional Interested Party” on the policy.

Is renters insurance required?

​Steve Brown Apartments requires that each resident maintain a renters insurance policy, with a minimum limit of liability for bodily injury and property damage of $100,000, throughout the term of their lease. We also require that you name SBA Management Services as an “Additional Interested Party” on the policy.  

How much does renters insurance cost?

​Most policies cost $15 or less per month. This small monthly bill can protect you from accidents that could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in damages. 

Why should I carry renters insurance?

​To protect you from a variety of accidents and losses, especially the very expensive ones we see almost every year. For example, a resident accidentally released the fire sprinkler valve in their unit and caused $40,000 in damage to their belongings, their apartment, their neighbor’s apartment, and the common areas in their building. Fortunately, this resident had renters insurance, and the damages were covered by their policy instead of out of their pocket.

What does a renters insurance policy generally cover?

  • Theft, such as stolen notebook computers, or a missing package from UPS, FedEx, etc. 
  • Damage from smoke, lightning, windstorms, or hail
  • The vandalism or theft of your bike or damage to your property by a vehicle 
  • Water damage caused to the property and your personal items from overflowing toilets and tubs 
  • Liability for bodily injury to other persons

Can I wait until I’ve moved in to start my coverage? 

​Per our lease agreement, all residents without renters insurance on their move-in day will be placed on our master insurance policy for a nominal monthly fee. Please note the master policy DOES NOT cover your personal items, only damages to the building. Once we have proof of independent coverage, we’ll remove you from the master policy.

How do I get a renters insurance policy?

Simply add the policy with the company that holds your vehicle insurance, or call the insurance agent (or agency) of your choice. If you don’t have a preferred insurance provider you’re encouraged to consider ResidentInsure. All of our properties are pre-approved for coverage so you can sign up in less than five minutes. Click here to get started:



What property amenities are included?

  • Business Offices
    Our Resident Relations Coordinators are located on the second level of the lobby (P2). They’ll answer all of your questions and make sure what needs fixing is fixed. P2 is your one-stop-shop for all things having to do with the business of renting.
  • Lobby
    Jump on our wireless while waiting for a delivery or pickup, ask our concierge team for assistance, or rub The Luckiphant’s trunk for good luck on your way out the door.
  • Laundry
    Each floor at Lucky has a laundry room.
  • Floor Fishbowls
    In the center of each floor at Lucky, you will find a glass-walled lounge with wi-fi, seating, and digital TV. The lounges are open 24-hours a day and are open to the residents on that floor.
  • Fourth-Floor Rooftop Garden Terrace 
    Action central! Here you’ll find the hot tub, fire pit, grilling station, outdoor study tables, grand lawn with yard games, outdoor TV, snuggle pods, and more. (Open seasonally.)
  • Penthouse Skydeck
    Lucky also offers a rooftop skydeck and fourth-floor rooftop garden terrace. These areas are open on a daily basis as the weather allows. Each deck has plenty of lounge furniture for relaxing or catching up with friends.

Are pets allowed?

Cats*, Fish, and Caged Birds are welcome! Dogs and exotic pets are not allowed. Cats must be neutered or spayed. Maximum of 2 cats, $50/mo. per cat and $25/mo. per small, caged animal, bird, or reptile. No additional deposit is required. We ask that all pets who will be living or visiting your residence be disclosed. Qualified service animals are always welcome.

*Please note that no cats are permitted for Dorm@Lucky residents. Thank you!

Are utilities included?

Residents at Lucky are responsible for setting up the utilities for their apartment prior to move-in. These are the current service providers available at Lucky:

Satellite dishes cannot be attached to the building. ResTech Services uses a central building-wide connection to provide an option for Directv service.

You should call MG&E at least one week (but no more than one month) prior to the start date of your lease to arrange for the service to be transferred to your name.

Are your apartments furnished? If so, what’s included?

Yes! Apartments come furnished and included a sofa, slipper chair, coffee table, side table, barstools, full beds (twin beds for double occupancy), desk and chair!

How does trash pick up work?

Trash should be taken to the provided trash room on each floor on a regular basis. Please do not leave trash in the hallway or grounds. You will be fined if you are doing so.

Recycling is mandatory in Madison. Lucky works with a private company that uses single stream (mixed) recycling so you do not need to sort recyclables. Please visit the city’s website for complete details on which items may be recycled.

Community Policies

Community Policies

Is smoking allowed on the property?

​This is a smoke-free community.

What is the parking situation?

Parking is available to rent. Lucky has remote entry, covered parking in our two-story garage. The garage is conveniently located in the center of UW-Madison’s campus, next to Grainger Hall, the Fluno Center, and State Street. Give us a call or stop down to the leasing office to add a parking space onto your lease.

Other apartment policies and guidelines:

  • You are responsible for providing light bulbs for all fixtures and batteries for your smoke detector.
  • NEVER hang items from the sprinkler heads in your apartment. The seal will break open and hundreds of gallons of water will spill onto your belongings.
  • It’s recommended that you purchase an extra long shower curtain liner to avoid water damage in your bathroom.
  • It is recommended that you have a plunger for your toilet and hair traps for shower drains. You are responsible for maintaining free running drains. Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper.
  • Please don’t overload your electrical outlets. This practice causes circuit breakers to blow, and in some cases can cause fire.
  • You must keep the hallways in the buildings common areas clear to keep other residents safe.
  • Be a good neighbor. If you see something suspicious please report it to the authorities or to us. Also make sure you don’t prop open security locked building entrances.
  • If you leave your apartment unattended for more than a day or two please take these precautions: In the summer, turn off the A/C. In the winter, set your heat to at least 60 degrees so the pipes won’t freeze. Always lock all doors and windows and remove any trash.

I have a maintenance issue. Who do I contact?

Emergency & Non-Emergency Maintenance: Non-emergency maintenance requests can be completed online using your Resident Portal or you can reach us by phone 24/7. All emergency maintenance notifications should be made by phone, we’re available 24/7. Please call 608-237-2777.

Critical Emergencies: If you experience a critical emergency such as a fire or gas leak, call the appropriate authority first: Police and fire, call 911. Gas or electricity emergency, call MGE at 608-252-7111. After the authorities have been notified please also call our offices at 608-237-2777.

Move-In Info

Move-in Information

What information do I need to know about moving into my apartment?

At Steve Brown Apartments, we hope your move-in experience will be a positive one. In order to help you with your move-in arrangements, we encourage you to use this checklist.

Before The Move

  • Renter’s Insurance is required. If you do not want to be enrolled in our master Renter’s Insurance Policy please send us a copy of your insurance certificate. Insurance fees for those enrolled in our master policy will be added to your first installment payment.
  • Be sure the total of earnest money and security deposit due for your apartment is paid on or before you arrive. Keys will not be issued unless your security deposit and first month’s rent are paid in full.
  • Set up all necessary utilities for your new apartment home in your name, effective for your move-in date (you’ll need to coordinate this with your roommates).
  • If you’re moving in during late August, and you are arriving during our normal office hours, you do not need to make a move-in appointment. If you are moving in during a different month, or are arriving after hours, please ensure that you have scheduled a time for your lease signing and your move in day with your Resident Relations Coordinator.
  • During the course of the year we are happy to accept your packages for you at our offices. We are unable offer this service during the August move-in rush and we cannot accept packages for you before you move-in.
  • If you are still in need of parking, there is a good chance we have spaces available. Call our offices today at 608-237-2777 to secure a spot.

Day of the Move

Your Move in Day: There are multiple August move in days at Lucky. Please check your lease for your start date. You can move in on that day (or later), starting at 8:00 a.m.

Where You’ll Check In: The Lucky Leasing office on the P2 level at 777 University Ave. You’ll drive into our parking garage (enter on W. Johnson St., look for the sign) and enter the lobby through the large red doors located on the first (P2) parking level.

  • Your move in orientation will generally take less than fifteen minutes. We’ll make sure all balances are paid and provide you with your key card and all of the other necessities you’ll need.
  • Please fill out and return your move-in inspection sheet. This form is to protect your security deposit – write down any problems at the beginning to help avoid charges at the end of your lease!
  • Please make sure all of your keys work and your door locks are working.